PubPharm: Enhance your literature search tool box

Do you need information about preprints, clinical studies, journal articles, and drug information? Try the free, pharmacy-specific search platform PubPharm at

PubPharm is a service of the Fachinformationsdienst (FID) Pharmazie, a cooperation project between the University Library and the Institute for Information Systems at Technische Universität Braunschweig. With one single query in PubPharm, you simultaneously search for journal articles, preprints, books, international dissertations, clinical studies, and pharmacy-specific patents [1].

Looking for information on a specific drug?

The Drug Overview Service provides you with drug information extracted from literature, supplemented with data from ChEMBL [1]. Just one search will give you a clear overview of all the information about the drug of your choice. 

Your research question is more complex, and you want to dive deeper into the literature search?

With the Narrative Service, you can query your information needs directly as a subject-predicate-object-relationship [2,3]. For example, find publications where metformin is administered as injections or publications where simvastatin is investigated with mass spectrometry. The Narrative Service brings you faster to the publications you are  looking for.

No name, but a structure or substructure?

No problem, with the PubPharm structure search,  it is possible to search by molecular structure or even substructures.

In need of publishing preprints, conference posters, and other things?


No worries with pharmRxiv - - the FID Pharmazie offers a pharmacy-specific repository for exactly that.

 All  these tools are free of charge and can be used right now. Enhance your literature search now!


Keywords: PubPharm, literature search, drug information, Fachinformationsdienst Pharmazie



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