BIreactive: Expanding the Scope of Reactivity Predictions to Propynamides

We present the first comprehensive study on the prediction of reactivity for propynamides. Covalent inhibitors like propynamides often show improved potency, selectivity, and unique pharmacologic properties compared to their non-covalent counterparts. In order to achieve this, it is essential to tune the reactivity of the warhead. This study shows how three different in silico methods can predict the in vitro properties of propynamides, a covalent warhead class integrated into approved drugs on the market. Whereas the electrophilicity index is only applicable to individual subclasses of substitutions, adduct formation and transition state energies have a good predictability for the in vitro reactivity with glutathione (GSH). In summary, the reported methods are well suited to estimate the reactivity of propynamides. With this knowledge, the fine tuning of the reactivity is possible which leads to a speed up of the design process of covalent drugs.


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